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Links and Additional Info from GAP YEARS: A GUIDE
The library has a bunch of books about life after high school and gap years, including Footfree and Fancyloose by Elizabeth Craft, Your Gap Year by Susan Griffith, and Adulting by Kelly Williams Brown. Check out the online catalog for these and other titles!

The following list does not constitute an endorsement of any programs, companies, advice, or services by the Baker Free Library.

News Articles on Gap Years

Bridging the Gap (Year)

Learning to Bridge the Gap: A Testimonial

Should You Take a "Gap Year" Before College?

Apprenticeships Better Than College for Some

If Not College, Then What?

What I Learned Working as an Au Pair for a Family in France

Au Pair Work in Italy

High School Study Abroad and Teen Travel (dozens of articles and programs)


Money Matters

Grants for Traveling

Grants to Pay for Nonprofit Organization Travel

Grants for Education Travel for High School Students