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Artist Statement

My art work represents who I am at the moment.
I work in fiber and watercolor and seem to be always thinking about how and what I am seeing, hearing, how something feels, it’s color, shape or texture and how they can be part of my art. Someone once said my brain must be like the tangled threads I sometimes use to express the stirrings within.
For example, when I look at a flower or a landscape or a building, and something catches my eye I feel a sense of excitement and want to translate it using fiber or paint. It invigorates me.
When painting the most important element for me is how the color speaks. It is ever fascinating to see how a loaded watercolor brush will react over icicle white paper, and then how another color merges and both speak poetry while I watch.
Fiber often tells a human story, recently I have been recreating women, some of the women are in my life and others in my imagination. Although I often use hand stitching, I find my sewing machine to be my best friend. Pedal to the metal, stitching integrates fibers helping them to tell the whole story.

About the Artist


A little about me… 

I work from 3 small studios, my cold weather studio is in my home in Bow, I have a summer studio and a new encaustic studio in Marlow, NH. 

Although I don’t have a formal art education I have studied intensely with several well known artist such as Jan Benny, Jan Messent, Charles Reid and Janet Rogers. 

My husband an I have lived in Bow over 40 years.

Artist Contact Information

Coming in November...

Estelle Smith

A regional presence in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region since 2001, Estelle Smith has relocated to the Concord, NH area, an environment that she has found to be welcoming, warm and supportive. A member of a long list of arts related
organizations, Estelle thrives most within the confines of her new in-home studio, her center for continued work and for her primary love, teaching.

Estelle’s paintings have won a number of prestigious awards and have been featured in numerous invitational shows, including one at the Currier Museum in Manchester, NH and one in France, organized by the NH Franco-American Center
and the French Consulate in Boston, MA. Three of her works were featured in the 2010 edition of “Best of America Watermedia Artists”, published by Kennedy Publishing, Williamsburg, VA. More recently, a watercolor work was featured in
the April 2012 edition of the Southwest Art Magazine and three works (two pencil drawings and a watercolor) in the June 2012 edition of Best of America Still Life Book.

Look for Estelle Smith's artwork in the Gallery from Nov. 15th to Dec. 17th.

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