With our new digital resource Hoopla, you have immediate access to MOVIES, FULL MUSIC ALBUMS, EBOOKS, EAUDIOBOOKS, TV EPISODES, and COMICS/GRAPHIC NOVELS.  All this content is available to you throught a mobile app or the web site on your computer.  There is NO waiting for titles, and the collection contains half a million items and grows every day.

Other great features include:
  • Borrowed content is available for immediate streaming on a computer or mobile device
  • Through the digital app, borrowed content can be temporarily downloaded for offline use (yes you can watch movies and listen to movies and audiobooks while you are travelling!)
  • Music albums can be listened to in their entirety or shuffled between other checked out albums
  • Hoopla's eReader, Action View, is interactive, allowing a comic book to be read panel by panel
  • Hoopla has a Kid's Mode setting, allowing young people access to content geared towards ages 12 and under
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Sources of Free E-Books on the Internet
Updated 1/23/2017
We've seen a 41% increase in the circulation of e-books at the Baker Free Library over the past year. With more and more Bow residents reading e-books on their e-readers or smartphones, there are sure to be some who would like access to even more e-book content, preferably free of charge.  Here's a list of sources for free e-books - but please be aware that the quantity and quality of e-books does vary greatly among the sources.

Baen Books  (sci-fi and fantasy)
Book Lending  (matches lenders and borrowers of Kindle e-books)
BookRix (Over 95,000 new books, ePub format. Some foreign language & audiobooks too)
Digital Book Index  (165,000 full-text digital books available)
E-Discover the Classics  (quick way to get to classic titles in Project Gutenberg)
Free-eBooks.Net  (unlimited access to HTML format; access to 5 e-books/mo in PDF or TXT formats)
Google Books  (nearly 3 million free e-books from public domain)
Hathi Trust Digital Library  (for use online free; downloading at cost)
Inkmesh  (search engine to find free e-books and compare cost of e-books to purchase)
ManyBooks.net (Over 29,000 free eBooks for Kindle, Nook, iPad, and most other eReaders)
The Online Books Page  (indexing/searching to sites offering free online digital content)
Open Library  (part of the Internet Archive)
Project Gutenberg  (more than 33,000 free e-books)